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  • Thailand is one place that has the ability to transform your weekend into a fun and adventurous one. Regardless of the traffic, there are various other ingredients that are part of the city which will light up your day to the fullest. But at times, people get confused about what to do in this city, since the factors of exploration were not complete. So, if you are confused about the same, then we are here to solve all your problems. Hence, here are some of the best things to do in Bangkok.

    The Grand Palace

    Grand Palace There are not many individuals who go back without visiting the Grand Palace. This particular palace has a rich history that included the initial work of the government and was also the king’s residence. Due to this vast heritage, the Grand Palace tends to remain as one of the most classic attractions out of all the places.

    Ride the Sky Train

    When it comes to travelling, the night train is one transport that people always take, thanks to its speed and comfort. Being high above the traffic, there is nothing that is going to come up during your travel. So, if you are in this city and want to visit places, then do not have second thoughts about transportation.

    The Thai Massage

    The Thai Massage The world-famous Thai massage is something that is unique to this place, and the experience is delightful. This traditional method is comforting, and experts are here to help you out. There are various parlours that offer this experience and finding one is not hard.

    The Bangkok National Museum

    With the most extensive collection of artefacts and Thai art, the Bangkok National Museum is one place that you must visit. This kind of collection opens the door for some thrilling moments that will capture your imagination. From Chinese weapons to Khon masks, this museum has it all. So, take the tour and move ahead into learning aspects of history that might blow your mind away.

    A Boat Trip Along the Chao Phraya River

    There is a particular reason why people call Bangkok as the “Venice of the East”. Chao Phraya River is the very reason behind that name, and this river justifies it all. Around 50,000 people take this boat on a daily basis so that they can commute to work. This boat trip takes you through places that have the right kind of visuals and spectacles that will do an excellent job in lighting up your world. So imagine viewing that on a daily basis. Hence, if you are looking for a reason to have fun, then Bangkok might help you transform things in the right direction.

  • Movies are always some of the best ways to get us, humans to do something. We see things in movies, and we automatically want to do it. Movies have actually been prevalent when it comes to getting us to do things that we have actually never done before. Well, the same applies to movies that have always inspired the best form of wanderlust in us. There are actually so many movies that will want to make us pack a bag or two, book a flight and just up and leave. Travelling impulsively is actually a great idea if you are travelling alone. Travelling alone will give you the peace of mind like no other. Getting back to these movies that will make us want to vanish from our regular lives for a day, I have indeed listed out a few. These movies are bound to inspire the wanderlust in you. - Into The Wild is an unbelievable true story that revolves around a top student who is also an athlete. He abandons everything and makes it certain to hitchhike to Alaska, where he wants to live in the wilderness. You will find that it is an inspirational story and will also show you so many beautiful landscapes of the places.

    - The Hangover is actually a movie about a disastrous bachelor trip to Las Vegas. One of the main characters is lost, and the movie revolves around 3 best friends trying to find the groom who is also their buddy. The movie shows some beautiful views of Las Vegas and will actually make you want to go there. - The Way is a heart warming movie about a father who heads over seas to get back the body of a son who died while he was travelling the Camino De Santiago train in magnificent Spain. When he goes there, he decides to take the pilgrimage himself. Even though the story is sad, you will see some very beautiful landscapes of Spain, and you will love the vibe. - The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty is a light-hearted story about a guy who travels all around the world. This movie will leave you longing for a sense of adventure. sense of adventure. - Jumper is a movie about people who have the amazing ability to jump from place to place on the planet. In other words, they have the ability to teleport. This movie actually shows Rome, Egypt, USA and countless places which are indeed really beautiful. This movie will make you want to teleport to these places just to have a meal with your loved one. These are all the movies that will make you long for some adventure in your life.